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Not to toot our own horn, but we consider ourselves one of the top social media marketing agencies in NYC (and nationwide for that matter) for many reasons. Our number one reason? We are veterans. So many people and agencies jumped on the social media marketing and influencer marketing bandwagon in the last five years. But Social Exposure Media has been doing this since… 2009! Since BEFORE Instagram was even a thing.  Since before you could “boost a post for extra reach”. Since we only had FB and Twitter and since FB events were actually a cool thing. 


“Playing it safe gets you nowhere and taking risks is absolutely welcome in the world of social media marketing.” – Social Exposure Media Founder Sally Golan

Social Exposure Media: New York Social Media Marketing Veterans

We USED social media tools to market our own services BEFORE we became a full service social media creative agency in NYC, giving us a first hand understanding of how people respond to various forms of content and “viral” marketing. From 2009-2015, Social Exposure Media was known for producing some of the most avant garde events mentioned in such trades as The New York Times, Time Out NY, New York Magazine and more. All we had was FB and twitter to get the word out, sell tickets and grow a fanbase and we had no choice but to use our bold, fearless creativity. 

Since there was no such thing as boosting a post yet, we HAD to catch people’s attention with jaw dropping event names and ideas that would make you stop scrolling. It was this intense passion for creating a stir that led us to believe we could do this for other brands and businesses alike. 

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Social Media Marketing Thought Leaders

Social Exposure Media actually started a social media trade advocacy back in 2010 as early adopters of social media in New York City. This was an early venture, probably TOO early, where we would gather top social media influencers (at that time they were called thought leaders or futurists as opposed to brand influencers) to discuss the trends, the future and the possibilities of all things related to social. 

How will social media affect television and film? How will social media influence the art of collective story telling? Will we be able to shop for clothing we see on television shows directly from our phones? Will social media be implemented in a 3D/virtual reality fashion? 

Fast forwarding to 2019 and heading into 2020, we can see that social media has GREATLY impacted all of our traditional mediums of entertainment and news. Opinions on social media greatly impact decisions on extending television programs, celebrities rely on social media to promote their latest releases probably BEFORE any traditional magazines, Twitter is the most important news hub and is probably more trusted than CNN (and any other news channel for that matter) and our phone is now the primary screen as opposed to the tertiary. Brands? Are you listening? If you’re not marketing on social media, you’re not with it.

Our social media panel discussions back in 2010 hosted top executives from companies like Sony Crackle, Epix HD and the New York Film, Market Wire and more. The collective thought stood the test of time: social media will forever change the way we absorb content and the power is now in our peers. Not in the elite media. We now have the power to inform each other with TRUE content. 

You can trust a social media marketing agency that has seen the platforms evolve over the last decade.


If Content Is King, Then We Are The Queens

exposure social mediaTop social media agencies need to understand that media buying is less than half the battle. Just focusing on media buying and backend ads manager techniques is like learning how to bodybuild without sticking to the right diet. Creative content is 70% of the marketing battle and if your creatives suck… well so will your results. Influencer agencies RELY on influencer branded content for their creative campaigns and while we implement this as well, it’s important to flex your own creative muscles as a social media creative agency. This means…. HAVE IDEAS OF YOUR OWN! And boy… are we an idea machine.


I like to think of it this way: true social media marketing is anything but “marketing”. It’s more about evoking an emotion: laughter, tears, anger, sorrow, inspiration and thought. By no means are we telling brands to become offensive for the sake of cultivating engagement, but playing it safe gets you nowhere and taking risks is absolutely welcome in the world of social media marketing. 

Click here to check out a case study from one of New York’s finest cocktail bars 

We Care About Your Marketing Needs

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We care. A little bit too much. We want to see you grow as a company and flourish WITH you. We care about our clients businesses as if they are our own and we relate to your struggles as a busy brand owner. You can trust a social media agency that isn’t just jumping on the band waggon but is passionate about story telling through the medium of social.


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