“Ads manager is a beast… and we’ve got her tamed!” 

social media advertising


The social media advertising business is changing. Did you know that Instagram and Facebook are pushing for paid social content over organic reach? With the new algorithm changes, organic engagement is even tougher to obtain, making paid social ads your best friend.


Good thing we’re already BFF’s with ads manager.


Ads manager is a beast and we got her tamed. Drive traffic, increase brand awareness and most importantly, increase sales with powerfully creative social media ads. We work with FB, IG and IG Story to capture your audience and incentivize them to convert or purchase. Your growth is all we care about.





Strategize and plan ahead:

Our team of FB advertising experts carefully plan 4 weeks of campaigns ahead of time for you to approve before launch. If you’ve never advertised on social media before, we focus first on awareness and driving traffic, placing a FB pixel on your site so we can track and retarget. We don’t waste too much time “testing”. Our strategy is always to get to the gold as quickly as possible so you can feel excited about your growth as a business.

Manage ad spend:

We manage hundreds of thousands of dollars on ad spend per month. No budget is too big or small for us. Tell us what you want to spend and we deliver the best possible results accordingly.

FB ad tools allow us aggressive marketers to spend marketing dollars only on what works best. We watch and monitor campaign performances daily, making sure ad spend is maximized.

Build and define your audience:

Our secret sauce is our ability to create custom audiences that fit your desired demographic. Social media marketing doesn’t only pertain to consumers. We can advertise b2b as well! We build and define cold audiences as well as build custom audiences using email lists and social profiles. We build countless audience ad sets per account to constantly stay fresh and competitive.

Attract attention:

Advertising on social media means nothing without creative flair. Once we’ve created your customized ad set, the next step is to attract attention! We send traffic to your website and product pages with photo and video campaigns that spark intrigue. We create all of your content, write the copy and execute the backend. Leave it all to us. In this phase we can expect hundreds of website visits per campaign.



We can engage with people who’ve expressed interest in your brand before! Retargeting means going after those who’ve visited the site, engaged with your social channels or sent an inquiry.


Our team come up with “no brainer” incentives that spark impulse purchases! Discounts, freebies and special offers help to convert first time buyers into loyal customers.

Generate sales and conversions:

Retargeting those who’ve made a recent purchase or who have almost gone through with the process is imperative for long term sales. We want to set up sales goals and smash them! This means analyzing what audience ad sets, social tools and creative campaigns performed best. Combining the top results and funneling more strategic ad spend will inevitably generate impactful ROI.

Weekly and monthly reporting:

Our team of FB ads managers collect and present data to you that’s easy to digest. We report on each campaign when it’s complete as well as a full monthly report on the whole picture. How many people did we reach? How many visitors sent to your site? How many sales achieved? Who is engaging with your brand and what social tools perform best for your desired audience?

Adjust and attack:

There is no such thing as “set it and forget it”. We’ll constantly monitor, adjust and re-position for success with alignment calls with you after every month end to report to re-align on goals and ideas. Tell us your needs and we’ll perform for you.