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Our Social Philosophy

People tend to use social media marketing to PROMOTE a business, or a service. We find that’s the best way to get ignored. As writers, we take pride in our ability to use social media to tell stories, create compellingly shareable content and entertain your brand’s followers while gaining many more.  Social media is where you expand your brand’s distinctive voice and encourage conversation. Social media is where you gain loyalty, trust and develop your “cool” factor. “Come eat here” never works.

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Creating A Social Story and A Social Voice

How should guests feel when they walk into your establishment? What should consumers be reminded of every time they touch your product?  We create posts that expand on your brand’s persona, image and VOICE.

  • Unique stories, movie-like content and blogs that unfold across various channels
  • Advertorial, humorous and whimsical posts that galvanize your brand’s image
  • Create brand awareness without sounding commercial
  • Gain and maintain a loyal following
  • Stylized ongoing campaigns with user-friendly hashtags posted on a daily basis

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Aggressively Grow Your Following

Growing a loyal following takes hours upon hours, days upon days. Do you have that kind of time to spend on Instagram? No! You’re a busy business owner. Let us handle it.

  • Commenting, liking and following relevant profiles
  • Using most popular and relevant hashtags to increase traffic
  • Researching and following profiles in adjacent industries
  • Tag followers in posts
  • Ensure profiles are following and engaging social influencers
  • Increase following exponentially with constant communication and engagement on

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Influencer Marketing and Strategic Partneships

Social Exposure is connected to a wealth of social media influencers in all industries imaginable from health and fitness to medicine and technology.  It’s one thing to promote your product or services. It’s another thing to have it promoted FOR YOU.

  • Research and present viable influencer opportunities
  • Arrange posts and organic content by social influencers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
  • Arrange blog / magazine reviews for products and brands
  • Event sponsorship opportunities nationwide
  • Festival sponsorship opportunities
  • Manage social influencer communications and relations
  • Cross promotions with social influencers and reposting

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Community Management and Engagement

Social media is 24/7.  So are we.  Do you sleep with your phone in your hands? We sure do.

Your social media followers become your friends, family, and biggest supporters. We keep them engaged!

  • Ongoing, timely responses to questions, comments, feedback on all social channels
  • Spark dialogue and encourage lively conversation on social posts
  • Share the love! Social media is all about GIVING BACK! We like, we love, we repost and share

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