It’s time to face it, social media isn’t going anywhere. For those brand and business owners who are still non-believers, I urge you to evolve or get left behind. No matter how young or old your audience is, social media is simply un-ignorable and you cannot expect to spread the word about your wonderful lipstick brand or knitted sweaters without it.

I cannot tell you how many conversations I’ve had with business owners who have used the following sentences much to my surprise in the world if 2019:

“I don’t see the value.”

“Yeah… but how can we track it?”

“I can’t get as many likes and comments anymore.”


Allow for all millennials to gasp here. Fear not, I have answers.


One billion monthly active users on IG alone. ‘Nuff said.


There’s no better marketing tool to track your performance than FB ads manager. Now with countless objectives and techniques made available to the savvy marketer (and not so user friendly for the average joe shmoe), tracking email sign ups, sales, website traffic, shopping cart activity and more is absolutely measurable. More so than an expensive magazine or TV ad that gives you ZERO data. Placing a FB pixel on your site means tracking is made easy from the start. No excuses. You can see what your ROI is dollar for dollar with social media marketing. No more soft metrics. Reach and impressions are not the KPI’s. Sales conversions and cold hard CHA-CHING is made possible in ways no other digital tool allows. Let the numbers and analytics do the talking.


Alright, it’s no longer 2011 and likes don’t matter. Get over it. Likes are a passive aggressive metric anyway and our goal as social media marketers is not to turn your brands page into an influencer page. It’s to get you cold hard sales. So you have to pay to play in today’s social world which means engagement is no longer as valuable as it used to be. Now, paid ads are the most important part of a social strategy so likes and comments come far, far second. The algorithms no longer favor your organic content simply because it’s time for the social beasts to make money. They deserve it! How many other communities can boast 1M active users per month? Certainly not those dying magazines begging for donations with every website visit.

Why else is social media marketing the only form of marketing that MATTERS? Because your audience says so. It’s not a passing trend. Three billion active users around the globe PER MONTH says it all. Social media marketing helps increase traffic to your site, raise awareness on a micro and macro level and accumulate useful data and insights about your customers instantly.

When was the last time a magazine or TV ad was able to send an interested buyer directly to your shopping cart?

Remember: Organic posting is not social media marketing. At least not the main part of it. When we talk social media marketing, we are talking buying paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Story, Twitter and so on. We mean real advertising efforts and not just post and pray.

Social media not only allows you to boost overall sales and awareness but to connect with your audience and your customers on an intimate, personal level, unlike any other platform available. You can direct message (DM), reply, message and comment directly which is incredible!

I can go on forever about this, clearly.

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