Activists Skincare

Project Description

The Ask:

Activists Skincare is a beauty brand for the eco conscious with a

unique feature: reusable and refillable packaging! Solely relying

on the buzz created by their influencer affiliates, Activists

Skincare was noticing a drop in creativity and enthusiasm from

their content creator partners. The brand was in need of a large

scale influencer program to rejuvenate their affiliates and in turn,

make sales!


What we achieved:

Social Exposure created a robust influencer program for Activists

Skincare brand ambassadors and affiliates to really get excited

about. The plan included having influencers sign on long term to

create weekly content for social, participate in digital events,

participate in campaigns and more. Influencers who were invited

into the program would receive VIP treatment from the brand,

chances to earn extra revenue and paid features.




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1200 West Avenue,  Miami Beach,
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