Influencer Marketing

Why Influencer Marketing Works

Advertising through influencers allows your brand to build an instant fan base, create compelling content and connect with your target organically. Audience’s have grown tired of traditional marketing tactics and are looking to supaudience port brands they can trust. They are more prone to lean on advice from their peers rather than click on a classic advert. 

Get Access To Global Influencers

Social Exposure is connected to a wealth of social media influencers in all industries imaginable from health and fitness to medicine and technology. Our influencer reach is global and our talent is pre-vetted. We know their audience and what their fans want to see and hear.

Influencer Program Creation & Management

We create a detailed influencer and brand ambassador program that lays out all of the campaign details, post expectations, brand guidelines, who/what to tag, what hashtags to use and more. We manage communications, influencer budgets and stay on top of creators to ensure everything is being delivered in a timely manner.

Reporting Influencer Campaign Success

Social Exposure also uses influencer and affiliate marketing tools and platforms for tracking and measuring campaign success. You are a part of the process from start to finish and get access to all of the reports and data. We report on organic and paid campaign metrics by pulling insights from social tools and reporting platforms so we can make informed decisions on how to scale. 


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