I haven’t been to Asia. I’ve yet to experience the futuristic vibes of Tokyo and I can’t go a single step without hearing about Bali. I’ve got a long list and a long life, Thank God. 


But I’ve been to Greece. 


More than been. LIVED. 


And I dare you to challenge me on this: it’s the most beautiful place in the world. Don’t argue with me. You will lose. 


More than beaches, more than sand and turquoise, the beauty lies in the people. People who have become family to me. Greece is where my soul lit on fire and my life changed forever. Back in 2012 where I took my first ever journey there and I realized I was only living half of my potential. I sat on a beach somewhere in Zakynthos Island and I said to myself, mark my dam words, “I will find a way to live here, work from abroad, and relish in the beauty that is this place”. I had to return to my home in NYC. My stupid rent, tiny bedroom, depressing anxiety and relentless expenses. Why? Because society tells you that’s what you’re supposed to do. 


Fast forward to June 2018, my first official nomad summer, and I am in Crete island Greece with no need to “go home”. This was going to be my new nomad home base for the next five months of my life, or for however long I wanted, with zero pressure to return. 


Just give me Greek coffee and wifi, and I can rule the world. 


My nomad routine continues in Greece with a 7 hour time zone buffer. I wake up at 7:30am, have the longest Greek coffee of my life, listen to birds chirp through crisp Mediterranean skies and plan every hour of my day. I have until about 4pm my time before East Coast USA wakes up and gets to work. That means gym, beach, explorations, make new friends, drive, drive some more, take pics, take more pics, take a nap and more Greek coffee before 9am EST hits. 


This was my 3rd time in Crete. An island as big as a country which would require a few months (if not a whole year) to fully explore. I am a big believer of “slow traveling.” While most average travelers go on vacations and spend one to two weeks in most places, trying to cram it all in, the beauty of the nomad life is the lack of pressure because of time. Endless amounts of time in each place, to fully, fully dive in. 


Except Vueling airlines loses my luggage and I’m forced to wear nothing but a towel for 48 hours. 


Fast forward to two weeks later (and some new frocks from Zara) and I am officially initiated into a local Greek gang of super fun friends who will soon become some of the most trusted people in my life. #greekfam:) 


I had one mission and one mission only: conquer this dam island. And boy, did I conquer. There are 5 absolutely MUST SEE AND DO places in Crete that will drop your jaws in disbelief. 



Famous for it’s pink sand and crystal clear blue waters with green moss, colors so vivid you don’t believe it’s real.



A small hike down a sandy rocky trail to a lagoon with pristine clear waters and a secret uninhabited island that “cleanses your energy”. 




A 7 hours hike from the top that rewards you with sweet water bays at the bottom. 



Only accessed by boat, the most romantic, picturesque part of Crete that makes you believe in fairy tales. Get lost under a billion stars at night. Only 6 or so taverns and tiny boutique hotels. No loud noises.


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Translates to “satans port” – a gruesome steep hike down, filled with wild goats who laugh at you on your way. A lightning bolt shaped beach with large, grey jagged rocks for cliff jumping. 



Ok make it six. My all time favorite beach club and local sun lizard spot: 



Awesome house music, seafood, a perfectly calm bay to swim, super fun locals catching sun before work hours.



I’ll never forget the goosebumps that were sent down my spine as the ship slowly pulled up to Loutro. The calmness of that translucent blue water, commanded such respect from everyone on the ship. There were no words. Only picture taking. Small boutique hotels line the bay but don’t crawl too far back into the mountain side so not to disturb the nature and the scenery provided. Only about 6 or so Greek taverns offering seafood, ice-creams, coffees and traditional Greek dishes like Moussaka and grilled lamb with potatoes. Here, you spend your day laying on pebbles as the calm bay water tickles your feet and spend your nights getting lost under one billion stars. No iPhone camera can capture the beauty of this place. Only your naked eyes can drink it all in and hopefully you remember every detail enough to relish in the memory for as long as possible. 


Have we lost our souls in our careers? Forgotten how to treat nature respectfully? We think it’s ok to enjoy the beauty of a beach, lay in it, play in it, then leave our trash behind for someone else to pick up? Have we forgotten how to stop for a moment to pay gratitude to mother earth? This is what Greece taught me. To slow down and thank mother nature for providing scenery that literally takes my breath away. 


I hope one day, she takes yours away too.


If you visit a place this epic, respect it. Give back to it. Praise it. Because before you know it, it will be gone.

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