Top 10 Reasons to Attend Seven Sexy Chakras

On August 2-9, Yoga Body Rio presents SEVEN SEXY CHAKRAS: The Sexier Yoga Retreat. Learn to love your beautiful body and how to use it as a spiritual mechanism to access pure power, pleasure and experience the ecstasy of freedom through Yoga and Dance on this Women’s Only Yoga Retreat in Trancoso, Brazil.


10) Because reading “He’s Just Not That Into You” AGAIN won’t ignite the light inside you.

9) Sometimes it takes a new perspective in a far off place to see the world how it’s meant to be.

8) Your butt isn’t going to get any perkier staring at your MacBook.

7) If you let your heart go where it yearns to, your true soul will set itself free.

6) The female orgasm isn’t achieved by sex alone. No. It isn’t. Far from it.

5) You should see HIS downward dog. (What’s YOUR excuse?)

4) Because eating organic on an exotic beach is way better than the buffet at Whole Foods

3) Have you met the most energized, free and magnetic version of you? We can introduce you.

2) There are eight ways for a woman to orgasm. Yes. Eight! Now that we have your attention…

1) Joy from dancing is contagious. Joy from dancing on a tropical beach in the shimmering moonlight is transcendent.
Founder Marisa Paska and the Yoga Body Rio team are also announcing a social media contest, inviting yoga lovers all over the world to submit their sexy vinyasa flow via youtube for a chance to win two free nights stay during the Chakras retreat.

SEE VIDEO INVITE HERE for contest rules and learn the vinyasa flow!

To learn more about Yoga Body Rio and The Seven Sexy Chakras retreat Visit

WHAT: Yoga Body Rio presents Seven Sexy Chakras – Woman’s only retreat

WHEN: August 2nd -9th 2014

WHERE: Trancoso, Brazil

RETREAT COSTS: Register for prices here


#YogaBodyRio #YBR #WorldTravels #7SexyChakras


Blindfold Sensory Gallery New York City Press Release





Can you tell the difference between goat cheese and sheep’s milk when blindfolded? What does New York smell like after the rain? Why do certain instruments raise the hairs on the back of your neck when plucked and what if you could SMELL a memory? Social Exposure is proud to announce their newest, world traveling concept party: THE BLINDFOLD SENSORY GALLERY – a walk in the dark and a trip down memory lane. July 22nd 2014 at Studio Arte in midtown.


Guests are invited to let go of their fears and embrace their ears, hands, nose and tastebuds at a truly unique, adrenaline-pumping event. This is not to be confused with an episode of “Fear Factor.” No one is expected to dip their hands into a mystery box. The sensory stations will delight, amuse, entertain and even titillate the senses. What’s better than that? Guests will experience sensory stimulation while grouped with strangers they’ve never met, in a unique environment where trust and exciting new personal connections will be forged without judgment.


“I want to remind the world that Social Exposure is so much more than just an events company, we are an EXPERIENCE company. We produce events that invite people to step outside their comfort zones,” describes founder Sally Golan. “It’s amazing how blindfolds change the game. We rely so much on sight, our other senses fail in comparison. This event will open their eyes to what we take for granted on a daily basis.”


The Blindfold Sensory Gallery features five poignant sensory stations: Taste, Touch, Smell, Sound and eventually, Sight. Guests will be blindfolded upon arrival. They will not even know where they are. If arriving with a group of friends or a loved one, expect to be separated. The goal is to not only test your senses in the dark, but to mingle with new people in a new way.


The Blindfold Sensory Gallery marks the second world touring concept party for Social Exposure. After New York, the event will take place in Miami, London and Mexico. “People all over the world can appreciate an event like this,” states Sally Golan. “Social Exposure is now all about producing repeatable, world touring concepts that cross boarders and speak to various cultures”.


The Blindfold Sensory Gallery is sponsored by Monopolowa Gin, Van Gogh Vodka, Good Vibrations, Nose Knows Designs, Perrier, Odd Fellows Ice Cream and Studio Arte. Tickets include a blindfold, sponsored cocktails, gourmet apps and funky desserts, VIP gift bags and an unforgettable experience.









To trust your instincts

Pull together the shades,

Walk through the dark

Indulge in the crave,

Place a hand

Walk side by side,

Follow the lead

Don’t fall to the side,

Embrace your courage

Your nose and your ears,

For there won’t be eyes

Let go of your fears.



Created and Hosted by:

Social Exposure Media + Sally Golan


Tuesday July 22nd 2014

Walk through the dark at 8pm SHARP




Official Blindfold invite JPEG

The London Naked Painting Party Press Release


London has birthed punk rock, hosted the Olympics, and boasts royalty, Bond, the Beatles, and Harry Potter. But what of NUDE BODY PAINTING? Now, we can safely add that to the list as Social Exposure, a New York City-based avant-garde events company, proudly presents the LONDON EDITION of the unique, highly collaborative, hugely popular, NAKED PAINTING PARTY – a part of the 2014 World Tour! A concept party originally devised by Social Exposure founder, Sally Golan, The Naked Painting Party draws hundreds of attendees to collectively BODY PAINT each other in the nude. On Sunday, May 25th, Social Exposure brings the one of a kind art party across the pond to the brand new TRAPEZE BAR with a circus Berzerk theme for daring Londoners to bare it all and network outside the box!

London marks the fourth city on the 2014 World Tour. Past cities include New York, Mexico and Miami with plans to take on Berlin and Croatia. The LONDON edition will feature electric, bizarre colours and décor, circus performers, complimentary cocktails, danceable, deep, vocal house music and over 300 NAKED REVELERS! “When I first heard about this concept coming to London, I just HAD to make it happen at Trapeze Bar”! Says Sarah Holgate, director of Events and Promotions at Trapeze. “Shoreditch is quickly becoming the best area for new, exciting and refreshing nightlife and The Naked Painting Party is certainly all encompassing.”

Social Exposure conceptualized The Naked Painting Party in New York City as a way to CELEBRATE inner beauty, positive body image and unity through the arts. Nightlife events are often stale, snobby and lack real connection. Social Exposure as an events company is all about creating rebellious event content that challenge the way we network. The energy at the painting parties can be best described as The Full Moon Parties in Thailand meets Art Basel.

So how does it work? Bring clothes you don’t care about, get as nude as you are comfortable with, pick up a brush, find a stranger, and let the mess begin! “This is one of the ONLY events in the world that is so hugely interactive and collaborative. People don’t sit around and watch someone paint, the point is to paint each other. Brushes are going every where and you should expect to leave completely covered in paint,” explains founder of Social Exposure, Sally Golan. Of course, there are rules and guidelines to such an eccentric evening such as “No inappropriate behavior” and “respect each others privacy and bodies”. Full event rules are listed below.

To learn more and to see photos of past events: visit and

@ExposingNYC @SallyGolanNYC @TrapezeBar #PaintNaked #NPPLondon


WHAT: The London Naked Painting Party

WHEN: Sunday May 25th 2014

WHERE: Trapeze Bar, 89 Great Eastern Street
London EC2A 3HX

TIME: 9:00pm – 4:00 am

COST: 22Pounds Early Bird, 25 Pounds Standard, 30 pounds at the door


INCLUDES: Complimentary cocktails, Paint and Brushes included




RULES AND GUIDELINES: 1. Only credited press is allowed photography 2. No inappropriate comments or offensive posts 3. Inappropriate behavior will result in your removal 4. Respect privacy 5. Keep even guy girl ratio if attending in large groups 6. Tickets are sold in advance – cash only at the door 7. Please attend in comfortable foot wear / sandals 8. Please attend in clothing you do not care about. 9. No showers at  the venue.

48 Hours to Paint Naked: Miami


Another steamy Miami night.

It’s Thursday night in South Beach. Another fabulous party at a fabulous locale with fabulous people anyone who watches E! reality would die to be at.

It’s Thursday night in Wynwood. Another eclectic bout of clubbing in the edgy art scene with super talented people covered in ink.

But so bored. This again? It’s all the same. Been there, done it, will blast the memories away with Cubanos mañana.

Not tonight! Tonight, as you troll your smart phones looking for yet another inspirational meme or embarrassing selfie of your exes or dreamy wish-we-could-bes, Social Exposure and Do Not Sit on the Furniture offer a COOL ASS ALTERNATIVE:

At 11pm, Social Exposure – presenters of the first-ever MIAMI NAKED PAINTING PARTY – will PREVIEW what’s to come on Saturday night May 3rd with a first of its kind viral event!  LIVE from Do Not Sit on the Furniture, we will have body paint artists painting stunning models on the dance floor! Never been to a Naked Painting Party? You’ll see first hand how EYE POPPING, ELECTRIC, and GOTTA BE THERE #NPPMiami will be!

All the heat and humidity, clothes stuck to your skin. Who likes clingy-ness? Shed those tops and bottoms altogether and trade them for colorful paint and unforgettable reverie! That’s Freedom! That’s Rebellion! #JoinTheRebellion!

To be part of our Live Viral Experience, all you need to do us follow us on social media starting at 11pm:

Social Exposure Facebook, Sally Golan Facebook

Twitter: @ExposingNYC, @SallyGolanNYC

Instagram: socialexposure

#NPPMiami #JoinTheRebellion

NPP Miami

The Miami Naked Painting Party
Saturday May 3
LMNT Gallery
59 NW 36th St
Tickets HERE

Sally Golan on The Playboy Morning Show

Playboy Morning Show

On Tuesday, February 25th, our fearless leader Sally Golan was a guest on The Playboy Morning Show on Playboy Radio! They talked all about The Naked Painting Party World Tour, the fun and perils of body paint, and three gorgeous models also showed off their rendition of naked painting! It was a fantastic interview. Thanks to everyone at Playboy Morning Show for having Sally on!

Announcing the #JoinTheRebellion Contest!

Social Exposure and Hidden Beach Resort
The #JoinTheRebellion Contest

The Mexico Naked Painting Party weekend getaway

Can you be…

Social Exposure wants you to PROVE IT. Announcing the #JoinTheRebellion Contest! The Naked Painting Party is getting a world tour and we want to show the planet that nudity doesn’t have to be scary! Enter our contest for a chance to win a FREE night in MEXICO during our Mexico Naked Painting Party getaway!

The rules are simple: We DARE you to take a video of yourself doing something you would do every day – but DO IT NAKED. It can be anything (but don’t get arrested)! But it CAN’T be something you’re doing from the safety of your own home. Anyone can walk around their house naked. But do you have the balls to do something in public?

SHARE the video with us on Twitter @ExposingNYC. You MUST tag @ExposingNYC and @aunaturelclub (Hidden Beach Resort) and you MUST use the hashtag #JoinTheRebellion when you post it. The video can be just a few seconds long, like a Vine, 15 seconds like an Instagram video, or longer for YouTube**.

The coolest, funniest, most clever, or downright craziest video wins:

One (1) FREE night all-inclusive stay at Hidden Beach Resort during the weekend of March 27-31, 2014; free VIP entrance to the Naked Painting Party in NEW YORK CITY; a sponsor gift bag; Bragging rights and the official title of KING OR QUEEN OF PUBLIC NUDITY

Contest runs from NOW to MARCH  1st, 2014. Winner gets free admission to the Naked Painting Party in New York City on March 13th!

So, be bold, be daring, be dangerous, and SHOW US!! #JoinTheRebellion!!

** Note: Since most social media outlets don’t allow outright nudity, it’s up to YOU to CENSOR your videos however way you wish. Black bars, pixelation, cropping, clever camera angles, however you want to do it so your video doesn’t get yanked offline. What we ask is that the video shows you’re clearly naked doing what you’re doing.

DISCLAIMER: You have to be 18 years of age or older to submit or appear in a video. Please, no pornography whatsoever! Please also follow Twitter/YouTube/Instagram’s rules on content (Terms of Service) when posting your video.

Viral Video Submission flier
click image to see in full size

May the Concept of LAME Be Forever Forbidden

Posted by: Sally Golan

I never set out to be an entrepreneur. I truly thought, for the longest time, I would be an actress. Or a writer. Or a producer. Or all three.

But life likes to smack you upside the head and call you stupid. I really hated the idea of not being in control of my career and most of all, I felt like a non-contributing zero expecting people to pay me to “pretend” and then go away. And no offense to actors all over the world (lord knows I have plenty of talented actor friends) but I felt like a god dam sock puppet who was told to dance for my dinner. Pa-The-Tic.

I’ve been involved in the nightlife industry in some capacity my entire life. I’ve always had a passion for entertaining people, connecting with them, moving them and inspiring them. I realized that I was getting the same gratification through event production. This blew my mind. So did the tanking of Lehman brothers. That sucked. But that was the year small business were born. And Voila!

I hate lame parties. I fucking hate them. I hate lame people. Lame people suck. Lame people at lame parties is as torturous to me as watching curling. You know what’s worse then lame people at lame parties? Nothing.

That being said, I VOW to never be lame. Social Exposure was born out of a passion for the theatrics. It was born out of recognizing a need to communicate with each other in NEW ways. We have all been to a billion events and we’ve pretty much seen it all but what we almost NEVER do is what events are meant to do: CONNECT. Isn’t that bizarre? You walk away with all these business cards, and yet you met nobody.

Social Exposure events eradicate the LAME out of the atmosphere and breathe inspiring, exhilarating, NEW ideas so people really REMEMBER where the hell they went and who the hell they met.


See you at the next one.

Welcome to Social Exposure’s Blog

Besides throwing the most daring avant-garde parties, Social Exposure also dabbles in other forms of entertainment, such as our irrepressible blog!

Our founder and mad woman Sally Golan will take you behind the scenes on what it’s like to create Social Exposure’s concept events and all the crazy shit that comes along with it. You can also follow Social Exposure’s famous mascot, Charlie Blueduck, on his world travels as the dirty-minded duck gets into all kinds of mischief.

We also follow pop culture. Our Twitter page, @ExposingNYC, is the place to be when major award shows happen, because we can be found parked in front of our TVs with phones in hand Live Tweeting all the action and celebrities falling down on their way to accept their awards.

Enjoy our blog as we bring a taste of Social Exposure to you!

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