Weepo, the number one dating app for women in New York City, announces #WeepoWednesdays.



Weepo, the number one dating app for women in New York City, announces #WeepoWednesdays.

Every Wednesday at SideBARnyc, Weepo is hosting an open bar meetup for members who have downloaded the Weepo 2.0 app. The app is free to download at www.weepo.com

Who’s invited: college students, singles in the city, Weepo 2.0 app users and friends of app users, with a goal of an even ratio of guys and girls in attendance. Guests will be treated to giveaways, gift bags, and special surprises.

#WeepoWednesdays features an open bar from 6-7pm. To gain access to the open bar, simply show the app on your phone or arrive with an app user.

We know dating in NYC is difficult, even with the plethora of popular dating apps. People can be scared to meet in person when they connect online. Weepo allows users to choose a destination, see who else is going and connect beforehand.

#WeepoWednesdays is a next step forward – a regular destination event for Weepo users that will make it easier, less intimidating, and more rewarding for Weepo users to make a connection on and off-line.





Press Release: New Orleans Takeover of the Mayan Riviera

MardiGrasMexico Flyer FIXED



Why wait until winter to experience the atmosphere and pleasures of Mardi Gras? On September 17-20th, 2015, the sights, sounds, and tastes of Bourbon Street on Fat Tuesday will take over the five star, all-inclusive Hidden Beach Resort by Karisma Hotel Properties! “New Orleans Takeover” will bring the festivities to the sparkling sands of the Mexican Riviera for the first time for a rollicking Mardi Gras-themed weekend escape.

At New Orleans Takeover, guests will be invited to participate in eclectic Mardi Gras-inspired events throughout the weekend. Live jazz will infuse guests with the spirit of “N’awlins” and put them in a non-stop partying mood. What’s Mardi Gras without beads and feathers? There will be plenty on hand, as if guests are watching the parade go by on Bourbon Street. While indulging in delicious cocktail mixology of Mardi Gras-themed concoctions, their taste buds will be inflamed by authentic Cajun and Creole cuisine created by Hidden Beach’s gourmet chefs. The weekend will culminate in a sensational Mardi Gras Masquerade party, bringing the Carnival to a conclusion in high style.

Hidden Beach Resort is the only all-inclusive luxury nudist resort in the world. Consisting of 42 beachfront suites, Hidden Beach is a secluded adults only property, perfect for couples and singles alike. Located just one hour and a half south of Cancun Airport, Hidden Beach Resort lies on a stretch of white sand beach offering spectacular views of the Mexican Caribbean sea. Hidden Beach blends signature services such as personalized check-in with a welcome glass of champagne and exclusive concierge service with charming architecture to create an atmosphere of understated luxury.

“I’ve always been a little obsessed with the Mardi Gras Parade and the New Orleans culture”, admits Niche Marketing Director of Karisma Hotel Properties, Alejandro Perez. “New Orleans Takeover will be the first time we bring something high energy like Mardi Gras TO our guests so they can experience high energy flair with out having to leave the property”.

New Orleans Take Over acts as a part of a series of events exclusively created by Karisma for Hidden Beach Resort guests only.

BOOKING: 866 527 1762
Use Promo Code: MARDIGRAS
for exclusive VIP offers



Sally Golan

646 525 9791


Sally Reviews Jurassic World


A QUICK MOVIE REVIEW OF JURASSIC WORLD: By Sally Golan of Social Exposure.

The first Jurassic Park movie blew my mind. I was also in the 3rd grade. So crayons also blew my mind.

But still.

It was epic.

So I decided to check out JURASSIC WORLD last night and here is what I thought.

And no, I am not going to warn you about SPOILERS. If you seriously don’t know what the movie is about then you are too young to be my FB friend.

1) This is the most expensive branded advertisement in the planet. The following narcissistic companies found their way into the film ever so obviously:

Verizon Wireless


Mercedes Benz

Beats By Dre


Mercedes Benz – again



Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville (WTF)

Mercedes Benz… seriously… again

Pandora Jewelry

Triumph Motorcycles

And fucking Mercedes Benz.

2) Chris Pratt looks like Sam Worthington‘s clone, with just as much emotional gravitas.

3)Wow, Christina Hendricks from Mad Men sure lost a lot of weight. Oh… wait… Wrong redhead.

4)If I were in this movie, I would be THE ABDOMINAL REX. Small, obsessed with bicycle crunches and hungry. Hungry all the time.

5) Does this movie have a script? Here are some of my favorite lines, skillfully crafted by the studio intern:

“Take the kids and go someplace safe.”

“These animals are alive… you know?”

“Hey… Don’t give me that shit!”

and finally:


I have to say, I am going to forget that I even saw the movie. Not because I am trying to forget it. Because it’s simply forgettable. Like, I don’t even have to try.

And the crowd seemed to agree since a good 10 people kept leaving the theater to “pee”.

This movie gets a MEH and a PFFFF from me.

BUT… I love the Abdominal Rex. So strong. So very very strong.

Social Exposure: Redefining the Event Experience @ Indiegogo


by Sally Golan

It’s been a journey, starting a business I had no intention of starting, then taking it and running with it. Seeing people interact, seeing friendships form and creating experiences that forced people outside their comfort zones. After five or so years, we are ready to take this baby company to the next level. We can’t do it alone.
BACK US UP! I am proud to present: SOCIAL EXPOSURE: REDEFINING THE EVENT EXPERIENCE on Indiegogo. Watch, get inspired and ‪#‎JoinTheRebellion‬

Go here to support Social Exposure on Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/social-exposure-redefining-the-event-experience


Press Release: Skirt Club UK comes to Miami

Skirt Club

Skirt Club, a private members club for the bi-curious and bisexual opens in Miami.

London girl-only parties, popular amongst Brits.

For immediate release.

Miami, May 14, 2015: The launch of Skirt Club Miami will take place May 14th at Hyde Beach at the SLS Hotel. Having had huge success in London with underground monthly parties, its owner Geneviève LeJeune decided to bring her British born company to the US.

Designed by the curious, for fellow curious creatures, Skirt Club promotes glamour; free-flowing champagne, burlesque performers and… much more. Away from the prying eyes of men, Skirt Club parties are designed to facilitate one night of consensual experimentation – no consequences, no questions.

Skirt Club was set up in 2014 by Geneviève LeJeune, having attended “play parties” with a male ex. She soon realised she was doing things for his pleasure, not her own. ‘Sexual empowerment is not about turning your boyfriend on with another girl’ she says. ‘It’s about doing what excites you’.

All guests share a girl-on-girl interest and no men are allowed, in fact they are banned entirely.

The London parties take place monthly and attract a crowd of up to 60 empowered women. UK Skirt Club Membership numbers have grown exponentially month-on-month, due to the positive press coverage, and our member referral scheme.

“Such amazing beautiful sexual women! Genevieve has created something amazing where fabulous women can let go and truly be themselves! There is something wrong in my life if I don’t come here every month!”

“I really enjoyed the night, it is good to join the community of girls who have the same attitude to sexuality and are attracted to other women. The talk we had during the night made me confident about my sexuality thank you for a great night.”

“It was like walking into the scene of a movie, one of great feminine beauty”

Recent hyper-sexualisation of same-sex attraction among straight women, particularly in popular culture has led to a more open-minded interpretation of what sexual attraction can mean. Women have embraced the opportunity to explore their curiosities, and crucially on their own terms. At Skirt Club this theory rings true and the atmosphere is empowering and sexually charged.

Geneviève is a firm believer in the link between high risk and high intelligence. Smart sex requires honesty; the ability to express sexual preference and manage the tension between control and risk. Trust and respect with your partner is important, discretion is key.

Skirt Club – think smart professional women looking for empowering exploration in a private, safe environment.

For more information contact: Geneviève Lejeune at press@skirtclub.co.uk

Sally Reviews Exodus: Gods and Kings


Sally Golan

December 27, 2014 · Miami Beach, FL ·

Saw the movie EXODUS last night. Here are ten thoughts that ran through my mind during the film:
1) I didn’t know that ancient Egyptians had British accents.
2) wow… everyone has stunning blue eyes. Like, EVERYONE
3) Oh cool this is the part when GOD speaks to Moses. What the fuck is that kid doing here?
4)I wonder how the casting director decided to pick these guys….”OK raise your hand if you were in Avatar, Gladiator or Batman. Ok perfect you’re in”.
5)so many horses. So many pretty horses. I wanna pet the horses.
6)what time is it? fuck me, it’s late. WRAP IT UP!
7)Sigourney Weaver is in this? Why don’t you just stick Samuel Jackson in there too! “too many snakes in a pit”
8)oooohhhh the plagues!!! I love when they kill the babies. That one stays in my head.
9)Christian Bale wears Jewish well.
10)Get that fucking bratty kid out of here.


Essential 2015 Winter Music Conference press release


PRESS RELEASE: March 6th, 2015
During WMC 2015, Rambunktious Records, Jay J and Social Exposure team up to bring local and international house heads together for a second time to celebrate the most important sound in the electronic music industry: Real Deep House. Essential will take place at MAPS BACKLOT in Wynwood on Saturday March 28th, 2015 from 2pm until 4 am. Tickets are available on Wantickets and Eventbrite.com. Sponsored by Perrier and Redbull.
Essential is a party that goes back to the roots when it was all about music, dancing and connecting with your favorite DJ’s and artists. Essential celebrates the deep and soulful side of house music. Music that has a strong connection to it’s loyal following. Music that speaks emotion and harmony. Music that is loved.
“This years line up is jam packed with super stars”, exclaims DJ/producer Mark Brickman. “While other WMC events focus on EDM, commercial and techno sounds, we are focusing on Nu Disco, Soulful, vocal and deep house. Other parties will claim to have this vibe but Essential will remain one of the few that actually pulls it off”.
Essential will feature: Soul Clap, Miguel Migs, Mark Farina, Doc Martin, Jask, Jay-J, Husky, Marques Wyatt, Mark Brickman, Jarred Gallo, DAN.K, Ricardo Torres and Noa. An impeccable mix of local and international super stars both established and on the rise.
Essential had it’s first run in 2014 at the Eden Roc Hotel with a show of over 800 with a line up that included Miguel Migs, Lisa Shaw and Danny Krivit – the event was so successful, the team decided to make it an annual WMC affair. “It was evident to us that music lovers are still craving the deep sounds of soulful house and that people are getting tired of Aoki or David Guetta type parties. Our crowd is older, more mature, more seasoned… we love that about this party”. – Describes Jay-J, co founder of Essential.
WHAT: Essential – 14+ Hours of music bliss
WHEN: Saturday March 28th – 2pm – 4am
WHERE: MAPS BACKLOT 342 NW 24th Street, 33127
PRESS RSVP: Rsvp@SocialExposureNYC.com

Essential 2015 flier 1

White Rabbit + Black Rabbit press release



Press Release – New York, New York Feb 11th 2015


It’s not Alice in Wonderland. Not to be confused with some fuzzy fetish or the Playboy bunny either. And it’s definitely not an Easter egg hunt… It’s a social experiment erring on the bizarre, celebrating art and fashion. Social Exposure presents New York with a brand new concept party:

WHITE RABBIT + BLACK RABBIT: Choose your rabbit wisely.

March 4th 2015, 7-11pm at HAUS nightclub in SoHo. Co hosted by Beautiful Savage Magazine and sponsored by: Jack Rabbit by California Exotic Novelties and Pabst Blue Ribbon.


So what’s with all the bunny business? Rabbit heads and rabbit couture have been inspiring the fashion industry for years, from giant bunny heads sauntering down the catwalk to rabbit fur coats (we prefer faux fur). “We thought it would be provocative yet humorous to host an event where everyone gets to put on a costume and become a character. I truly believe that dressing up is an all year round thing and that the nightlife world needs more of it. We need to let go!” describes founder Sally Golan. “We don’t expect people to show up in full blown bunny gear. Embrace the theme in anyway you want but you are either black or white, depending on your personality type”.


Social Exposure teams up with partners in crime: California Exotic Novelties to gift guests with the new “Jack Rabbit” sexy adult toy line. “The Jack Rabbit is an icon, and he’s going to make quite an impression at the White Rabbit Black Rabbit soiree!” Describes Desiree Duffie, Public Relations Director.
Avant Guard fashion magazine: Beautiful Savage, also joins the roster. “Beautiful Savage is co-hosting this party with Social Exposure because founder Sally Golan is the most interesting girl in nightlife”, Says Chad Saville, Editor-in-Chief.



HOW IT WORKS: Are you pure as snow? Or evil with a glow? Cottony white? Or dark as the night? Depending on your personality type, attend as a white or black rabbit. We suggest faux fur, sexy masks or ears, boots, top hats, suspenders, suits, black or white dresses, gloves, lace and black or white jewelry. For dress code inspiration, visit the official FB event page here.


WHAT CAN GUESTS EXPECT: From 7-11pm, our rabbits can expect to be treated to forest-inspired sponsored cocktails from 7-8pm including beer sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon, original performances, seductive gifts like the “Jack Rabbit” by California Exotic Novelties, deep house music and carrot cake. Yes. Even carrot cake. Guests can also expect to participate in social media games to find their “rabbit match” during the event.

#WhiteRabbit or #BlackRabbit follow @ExposingNYC

Tickets: www.whiterabbitblackrabbit.eventbrite.com



Sally Golan

646 525 9791



New White Rabbit Black Rabbit Flyer

The Naked Masquerade at Hidden Beach Resort press release

Naked Masquerade



PRESS RELEASE – New York City, Miami Beach, Toronto, Los Angeles, Chicago, London


Every Halloween, no matter where you are in the world, boasts a masquerade event of some sort. How can one possibly take this popular, perhaps even over done concept and make it new again? Mexico has indeed figured that out.

Hidden Beach Resort, a well reviewed and highly regarded Gourmet Inclusive nudist resort in the Riviera Maya, announces their first ever Halloween affair – a NAKED Masquerade ball! October 29th-November 2nd 2014. Wear a mask! And that’s all!


Yes, Hidden Beach Resort is already known for being a high-end nudist resort that attracts an affluent clientele already comfortable with the concept of being naked in front of others. But what about those who wish to try something new but need a little encouragement? “Halloween is a time where people explore other characters and become something other then themselves. We all love to dress up! But what about dressing down”? Describes niche-marketing director of Karisma Hotel properties, Alejandro Perez. “The Naked Masquerade discreetly coves your identity and opens the door for those who wish to try a nude event with out going all the way. Once you see that everyone is nude, having a good time, laughing and enjoying themselves, they forget about their lack of costume and embrace the environment”!


The Nude Masquerade will take place amidst an entire weekend of Halloween inspired programing and activities. On Wednesday October 29th, guests (both returning and new) are invited to a simple welcome Halloween cocktail party. On Friday October 31st, Guests of HBR and guests of El Dorado Seaside suites are invited to BARE ALL but cover their identities with the first ever Halloween Nude Masquerade. On Saturday November 1st, Hidden Beach Resort pays tribute to the Mexican Holiday and tradition by producing a MEXICAN DAY OF THE DEAD party for all HBR and El Dorado Guests including a local Mexican body artists who will paint traditional day of the dead faces. The weekend closes up with a: NAKED SPA PARTY! Detox, relax, chill out at the spa, sans bathing suits!


The Nude Masquerade marks the fourth special event for Hidden Beach Resort as the hotel begins building their creative nightlife portfolio. Hidden Beach Resort stands out from the other nudists resorts not only for their world class service, privacy regulations and gourmet inclusive status, but now for their exceptional events and nightlife content that keep guests entertained at all hours of their stay. “Many resorts focus on the basics: food, drink, accommodations and service. They leave out the entertainment or treat that as an after thought. We want to create an experience for our guests so they never get that stuck-at-a-resort feeling”. Boasts Alejandro Perez.


HBR is offering a special Halloween discount of 15% off entire bookings using promo code: MASQUERADE

Visit www.hiddenbeachresort.com

Call: 866 527 4762

Promo code is to be used for October 29th-November 2nd weekend dates.


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