Sally Golan

Sally Golan is a full-fledged entrepreneur and artist at heart with a huge passion for creativity, travel, culture, and lifestyle. Sally is the FOUNDER and CEO of Social Exposure Media.

“Thanks to the tanking of the economy in 2008 – right when I first moved to New York, I had to either sink or swim. It was either figure out a way to survive or leave the country since NO JOBS were available whatsoever,” states Sally. “I threw a fundraiser party for a TV show I wrote to raise production money and it was actually during the production of the event that I realized I had a natural knack for events and marketing.”  

That night, Social Exposure was born.

Sally Golan has produced some of the most avant-garde concept events in New York City. Sally and Social Exposure’s events have received press coverage from major media outlets, where she has carved out a reputation for inventiveness and fearlessness. It was her early adoption of social media and it’s powerful marketing tools where she learned all things social.


Sally has turned Social Exposure from an events powerhouse to a social media advertising agency 2.0 BECA– USE Of her early understanding of social networking.