Sally Reviews Exodus: Gods and Kings


Sally Golan

December 27, 2014 · Miami Beach, FL ·

Saw the movie EXODUS last night. Here are ten thoughts that ran through my mind during the film:
1) I didn’t know that ancient Egyptians had British accents.
2) wow… everyone has stunning blue eyes. Like, EVERYONE
3) Oh cool this is the part when GOD speaks to Moses. What the fuck is that kid doing here?
4)I wonder how the casting director decided to pick these guys….”OK raise your hand if you were in Avatar, Gladiator or Batman. Ok perfect you’re in”.
5)so many horses. So many pretty horses. I wanna pet the horses.
6)what time is it? fuck me, it’s late. WRAP IT UP!
7)Sigourney Weaver is in this? Why don’t you just stick Samuel Jackson in there too! “too many snakes in a pit”
8)oooohhhh the plagues!!! I love when they kill the babies. That one stays in my head.
9)Christian Bale wears Jewish well.
10)Get that fucking bratty kid out of here.