The Naked Masquerade at Hidden Beach Resort press release

Naked Masquerade



PRESS RELEASE – New York City, Miami Beach, Toronto, Los Angeles, Chicago, London


Every Halloween, no matter where you are in the world, boasts a masquerade event of some sort. How can one possibly take this popular, perhaps even over done concept and make it new again? Mexico has indeed figured that out.

Hidden Beach Resort, a well reviewed and highly regarded Gourmet Inclusive nudist resort in the Riviera Maya, announces their first ever Halloween affair – a NAKED Masquerade ball! October 29th-November 2nd 2014. Wear a mask! And that’s all!


Yes, Hidden Beach Resort is already known for being a high-end nudist resort that attracts an affluent clientele already comfortable with the concept of being naked in front of others. But what about those who wish to try something new but need a little encouragement? “Halloween is a time where people explore other characters and become something other then themselves. We all love to dress up! But what about dressing down”? Describes niche-marketing director of Karisma Hotel properties, Alejandro Perez. “The Naked Masquerade discreetly coves your identity and opens the door for those who wish to try a nude event with out going all the way. Once you see that everyone is nude, having a good time, laughing and enjoying themselves, they forget about their lack of costume and embrace the environment”!


The Nude Masquerade will take place amidst an entire weekend of Halloween inspired programing and activities. On Wednesday October 29th, guests (both returning and new) are invited to a simple welcome Halloween cocktail party. On Friday October 31st, Guests of HBR and guests of El Dorado Seaside suites are invited to BARE ALL but cover their identities with the first ever Halloween Nude Masquerade. On Saturday November 1st, Hidden Beach Resort pays tribute to the Mexican Holiday and tradition by producing a MEXICAN DAY OF THE DEAD party for all HBR and El Dorado Guests including a local Mexican body artists who will paint traditional day of the dead faces. The weekend closes up with a: NAKED SPA PARTY! Detox, relax, chill out at the spa, sans bathing suits!


The Nude Masquerade marks the fourth special event for Hidden Beach Resort as the hotel begins building their creative nightlife portfolio. Hidden Beach Resort stands out from the other nudists resorts not only for their world class service, privacy regulations and gourmet inclusive status, but now for their exceptional events and nightlife content that keep guests entertained at all hours of their stay. “Many resorts focus on the basics: food, drink, accommodations and service. They leave out the entertainment or treat that as an after thought. We want to create an experience for our guests so they never get that stuck-at-a-resort feeling”. Boasts Alejandro Perez.


HBR is offering a special Halloween discount of 15% off entire bookings using promo code: MASQUERADE


Call: 866 527 4762

Promo code is to be used for October 29th-November 2nd weekend dates.