It’s Fall Season Party Time!!! by Charlie Blueduck

Hello party people and partners in all things naughty.

I’ve missed you all. It’s been a marvellous summer, full of sand, sun, glitter and Frisbee at the park with hot ribbed sweaty men. The latter, that’s Sally. As for me, it’s been mostly partying, imbibing juicy and fizzy fluids and being rubbed and inserted into people’s crevices. In certain cases, manhandled, beheaded by a dog or simply told to fuck right off once I am of no additional use.


Anyhow, excuses and bullshit aside, I decided to hang out with a different crew this time other than the usual humans. My new crew included neighbors of the animal kingdom: swans, geese, a dolphin, a rabbit and Snoop Dogg.
I should have known it would be a bad idea to hang out with this gang because a party at a rooftop bar ended up with all of us animals strewn across a garbage dump near a lake, which smelled of explosive swamp ass somewhere in upstate NY.

After unconsciously ingesting radiation water I started developing a little bit of discomfort and side effects. We’re talking glowing body parts….and not my duck wings….but my love piece. Now there are two ways I could handle this. Freak the fuck out!!! OR…use my new glowing apparatus as a tool:) So every party I went to chics were using me and my nuclear reactive duck parts to find shit like their lost cell phones, lipsticks, write phone numbers on their hands for douche bags to call them later, you name it! I felt like a total hero!! Thanks Radiation stuff in a dumpster bin!

Then it hit me: Glowing dick + Party = Naked Fluorescent Party!!
It took me some time that night convincing Sally to reactivate the awesomeness of what once was the naked body painting party, but with tender loving and lots of lube Vodka and my over the top sex appeal, I managed to make her moan agree that we should raunch it up with this most infamous event.
And thus ladies and gents, for your vulgar delectation, we shall party naked. September 27th, the Fall Naked body painting party in black light!!