It’s Party Time Again!!! by Charlie Blueduck

Quack quack y’all!!

So, today is party time.

I’m taking my hot Swan for a date and mischief;  and I like to be watched, so that’s why we have over 770 RSVPs that will come and watch us get freaky and party.

Remember to all dress in white, if you can, my Swan and Sally would totally appreciate it. Love stains and such are less visible when you wear white.

Trust me on this.

Since I’m a plastic blue balling duck, there is no way I’m dressing in white because, that would make me less desirable. Therefore I will be blue, like my sac, all throough out the night, and possibly green by tomorrow during hangover.

Ok, time for me to get my beak polished, wax my junk and get ready to party.

Remember fellas, free entrance, free booze for 1 hour and please behave, be good and responsible with the drinking. I’ll be over flying the field and those who misbehave or get into asshole mode are subject to be splashed with bird poop courtesy of moi.

See ya all tonight!!

Charlie D