Almost Party Time by Charlie Blueduck

Hello hello darlings,

My apologies for not permeating the air with my presence in this here blog in a while.

I’ve been sick as fuck. I got sun burnt, dehydrated and hungover.

I’ve felt like an impaled version of roasted duck, with the metallic thing going from the ass up to my headless torso and going in circles over flames etc etc. But I’m still equally toasty and delicious, though.

And no, I’m not in hell because of my deviousness and lecherous activities. Not yet.

This is as a result of a short trip I did to Arizona this weekend. Hiking and bathing myself under 115 deg sun. Since my eyes and heart are already tied to this awesome and beautiful Swan, I have the feeling I will be getting hitched and pussy whipped as soon as we make this official, therefore, before that happens, I needed some single Charlie time and chase tail somewhere else where I can’t be caught.

Anyhow, more on the trip and other details later, but in the meantime, I hope you are all ready for tomorrow’s party  Free entrance, free booze for the first hour and free hook ups don’t y’all forget!. You know you all want a piece of me and some of the hot tail that go to our parties as well.

Behave!!!!! You ladies, especially!  😛

The party is sponsored by  awesome hook app called Meetmoi, which I talked about previously and this is how I met my cute, white fluffy ass Swan; Milano Green Vodka, who, if you haven’t tried it yet, is an amazingly tasty and awesome drink. For those that not only want to get wasted but end up bouncing off the walls, there is HARD, the world’s first energy Mixer and if that is a little too much energy for ya, try some Gourmet Iced Coffee by RealBeanz, which is so damn good, especially for those hot and sweaty moments in our parties where everyone is in a good mood, partying, flirting, ogling and getting shit faced. (run on sentence I know, bugger off). By the way, them two girls that serve these drinks are a pair of beautiful human creatures, which if it weren’t because I am a freaking animal, I would tap ask them both to come home with me and abuse me.

Anyways, I’m in the final process of courting my bitchy Swan and convince her that I am a nice boy toy so I can finally take her to our party/date tomorrow and have my way with her afterwards.

So, I will be back tomorrow here right before the party for last minute details and raciness on my part to keep you all shocked or entertained.


Charlie Casanova D