Excuse Me While I Introduce Myself by Charlie Blueduck

Hello everyone,

So adding to my already omniscient presence, you all can’t get enough of me with tweets and Facebook, lots of me here and there, but also, a blog. Woo hoo!

Here I will post stories about me, and all other things related to me while we count down the days and minutes towards the 2nd Dreamside Pool Paarrrttaaayy!  (Make sure you click and RVSP!)

First things first, for those who don’t know me, what a shame. I am a duck and my name is Charlie. I’m cute, cuddly, blue and quite hung. I also have a pair of luscious duck lips (or beak for those into technicalities) but that’s a result of the most obvious of reasons. I’m not just any animal but one big party animal, like most of you who have attended Sally’s parties.

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