Sally Golan

Sally Golan is a full-fledged entrepreneur and artist at heart with a huge passion for creativity, travel, culture, and lifestyle.

“Thanks to the tanking of the economy in 2008 – right when I first moved to New York, I had to either sink or swim. It was either figure out a way to survive or leave the country since NO JOBS were available whatsoever,” states Sally. “I threw a fundraiser party for a TV show I wrote to raise production money and it was actually during the production of the event that I realized I had a natural knack for events and marketing.”  

That night, Social Exposure was born.

Sally Golan has produced some of the most avant-garde concept events in New York City. Sally and Social Exposure’s events have received press coverage from major media outlets, where she has carved out a reputation for inventiveness and fearlessness. With major events in Mexico and Europe in 2014, Social Exposure’s expansion as an international brand is in full effect.